Astereoid is active as a vinyl DJ since the late 90ies. He took advantage of the opportunity to help out in a record store that brought him closer to the source of new club music.
His first weekly Dj program was called “Astereoid`s Real Beats” ….a Big Beat Party.
The “Beatgarage” came next which was Astereoids first challenge as an artist and event manager…did it together with a good old friend to finance a short film.

Other events such as the “Rumpus” – Psychedelic gathering had a similar concept: live music meets vinyl and groove boxes. A drum set in the middle of the dance floor was a must.

Astereoids debut as a producer:
“Sandwichtunes” is a mix of acoustic music and beats which was published the first time in 2004 on the partner-label of Stereo Deluxe. One other electro only project is “AstFx”.

Musical activities:

Drums: “Sandwichkind”, “Tigongo”, “Rocking Lafayette”, “Chris Boom Bang”
Organ: “Freibeuter”, “Buccaneer”
Trumpet: “Superska”, “One Love”, “Hazil Be Mad”
Guitar / Vocals: “Chris Boom Bang”, “Jive Jumpers”, “Sandwichtunes”

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